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I Sis Eclectic Goddess- Speak Your Truth Show

I Sis, The Eclectic Goddess, is an Afrikan born in Trinidad n Tobago, she is based in West London.
The SPEAK YOUR TRUTH SHOW is a mixture of eclectic music and talk radio with special guests from the uk and beyond, and commentary of a diverse range of topics and current issues.

I Sis is a master of many trades, as well as a presenter and poet she is also an Advocate, Activist, Community Organiser, Coach, Facilitator, Researcher, Trainer, Public Speaker and a Writer.
She is an Eclectic Afrikan Centric Poet, drawing inspiration from her activism and engagement with Pan Afrikan politics and campaigning against structural injustice over the last 30 years. Her poetry encapsulates her commitment to anti-colonialist -racist – imperialist struggle, explores reparations (for enslaved Afrikans), identity, culture and language, alongside her personal experiences as a migrant Afrikan Caribbean woman in the world, she uses her poetry as advocacy. She has performed at events across the globe and will be featured at this year’s Kensington + Chelsea Art Week 2020.
She is currently a presenter on Portobello Radio and has hosted her own radio shows on Omega FM (2013) and on the Avenues Youth Club Community Station (2015). She has also appeared on numerous radio shows including on Resonance and Galaxy FM.
“Your voice is expressive and your ideas are well thought out, and have impact ”.
I Sis is passionate about WORDplay, the elasticity of language, playing with words, language is the prize of the victor, the tool of the oppressor . She has a MA in Black British Writing.


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