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A unique brand of internet station that brings the best in content & nostalgic tunes from around the world.
African traditional music has and still continue to imprint enormous magnitude on the hearts of people around the world including players of instruments.
The aim of Feferity Radio is to produce quality podcast that informs, educate, inspire, entertain and provocative.
Our focus is to speak to philosophers, historians, holistic practitioners, politicians, musicians, artists, playwriters, film producers, actors etc. to contribute and inform listeners to their respective professions.
We welcome contributions from anyone  who have interest and wanted to share your ideas with us.
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226 Comments on “Feferity Radio
Your Nostalgic Station

  1. Dee

    Hi DJ lainy…So good to be entertained this chilly winter,s afternoon inspiring Mary j blithe to kick off….. more love and life beautiful sistah

  2. Susan

    Thank you Lady A for story telling sessions.
    So very refreshing. You are right music is great, but listening to stories does take a different kinda attention…
    Nice one

    1. Rusike

      Very educative the lockdown has done much damage on all sectors of life and livelyhood band education system.
      Much love from african consciousness plartfom.

    2. freestyle1

      Thank you Robert for listening and your contribution. Continue to stay tuned and share our link.

  3. Jacqui

    Fascinating Ms A.
    Thank you for the learning.
    Did you know, the Ethiopian Dan or Beta people living in Israel have and still faced unprecedented discrimination?

  4. Queen Chi

    Ray London is giving me jokes right now so thank you for the Sunday vibes and nostalgic dance flashbacks!!! Awesomeness

  5. Hazlet Shadene Mcpherson

    It’s a really bad situation. There is not enough support out there for men over 21. This has been going on for decades.
    There are supported living accommodations that are available for those with addictions. They are charity organisations but it’s a vicious circle and long process.

    1. Mac

      Hi Hazel,

      Thanks for tuning in. This is a sad and unfortunate situation for men over 21. It seems that actual real rehabilitation isn’t the emphasis, but we hope this changes.



  6. Kam

    I hear what she is saying about seeing things.
    I saw a bright green parrot in a tree 2 days ago never seen it before or since and I frequent that route it’s near my mothers house she’s been gone almost 3 yrs

  7. Adrian

    Loving DJ Lainey’s show today. Seasoning up meat and skanking down the kitchen here in Birmingham, England. Good vibes. Nuff love.

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