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A unique brand of internet station that brings the best in content & nostalgic tunes from around the world.
African traditional music has and still continue to imprint enormous magnitude on the hearts of people around the world including players of instruments.
The aim of Feferity Radio is to produce quality podcast that informs, educate, inspire, entertain and provocative.
Our focus is to speak to philosophers, historians, holistic practitioners, politicians, musicians, artists, playwriters, film producers, actors etc. to contribute and inform listeners to their respective professions.
We welcome contributions from anyone  who have interest and wanted to share your ideas with us.
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384 Comments on “Feferity Radio”

  1. Frank Jahloh

    I enjoyed doing the interview on William Cline-Bailey’s Jazz From Africa show. Thanks for inviting me. The show was awesome and your selection of Jazz songs from African artists and those of an African heritage was inspired. I was really surprised and happy to hear that song from my connected friend, Femi of The Young Disciples band. I will now be listening to Feferity radio

  2. Robin

    Frank comes across as a true music connoisseur … I know him personally and will always vouch for his talent and passion. Forward Frank

  3. Hazel Burton

    What a great night on 30th December by Lorna. Had such a fab time. Love you lots beautiful lady. Hazelx

  4. Thabile matebese

    Looking for temba Matebese south Africa musician and produced 2 album called the new testament and homowo basa basa recorded at decca also know as T fire

  5. Sylvia robin.

    What an absolutly brilliant night on sat at the Upstairs Ritzy ! Feferity brought together fantastic Djs ..what a team that was…they got us great tunes and our feet and bodies moving all night long !! An explosive atmosphere !

  6. Barbara Wand James

    What a great way to end the year, William! This festive party jazz is getting my day off to a wonderful start! (Just waking up here in Texas!) Keep the jazzy sounds coming!

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