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A unique brand of internet station that brings the best in content & nostalgic tunes from around the world.
African traditional music has and still continue to imprint enormous magnitude on the hearts of people around the world including players of instruments.
The aim of Feferity Radio is to produce quality podcast that informs, educate, inspire, entertain and provocative.
Our focus is to speak to philosophers, historians, holistic practitioners, politicians, musicians, artists, playwriters, film producers, actors etc. to contribute and inform listeners to their respective professions.
We welcome contributions from anyone  who have interest and wanted to share your ideas with us.
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401 Comments on “Feferity Radio”

  1. Lee Amarteifio

    A great evening out at the Ritzy with DJ Freestyle, the presenters and especially the authentic Cuban sound of Sonyambu.
    The atmosphere was lovely and a really nice crowd dancing their best Salsa steps.
    It was nice being with family and friends to celebrate the reopening.
    I am looking forward to the next Feferity event.
    Thanks again,

    1. Admin

      Thank you Lee for such a true and sincere reflection of Thursday night at the Ritzy. We’re happy you,friends & family had a beautiful time.
      We look forward to seeing you all on the 11th September event where you’ll be dancing to AFROBEATS AFROHOUSE and AFROFUNK and listening to the incredible singer songwriter Emmanuel Anebsa.

  2. Charles Dupigny-Leigh

    Hey William
    Love Sax in the garden….nice track
    Ride on brother. your show baby!


  3. Reginald C-C

    Hi William, Thanks for sharing the magic of the incomparable, unmistakable And much lamented Mr Washington Jnr. Makes my weekend.

  4. Barbara W James

    Hello, William!

    Looking forward to hearing more about Grover Washington, Jr.! I was fortunate to have seen him in concert about a year before he passed. It was a small venue and a very magical evening! Have a great show!

  5. Juno Mamacita

    Fererity Radio is soothing to my heart. All the way from Ghana, I feel the heart beat of good good songs and vibes. Yea, Fererity feeds the mentality of its teeming listeners with an uncompromising positivity, and that’s reality to infinity. Big up Fererity, and Salute to all its crew members. Man like Freestyle, large up unno self.

  6. DJ Lainey

    The legendary Fred Locks roots reggae singer – I salute you. Love the tunes “Time To Change” and “So Jah Say” heartical lyrics!!
    Great interview Freestyle with Sir Fred Locks conscious conversation I really enjoyed listening. ⭐

  7. Deyon king

    The key is training! you was designed to be committed to Gods way, righteousness is a place of training.
    With our young men, we need to train our young men the importance of their seed. For our young women the importance of there value. Key word training.

  8. William Cline Bailey

    Hey DJ LAINEY,
    Congratulations for your first anniversary of presenting your programme on feferity radio. Thanks for your contribution. I’m enjoying the variety of music.. Gregory Porter and 3rd World.. SUPERB!! !!!!

  9. Jimerici1

    Can I get some interpretation. Just general meaning of title or song. Lovin the African selection. Jimerici

  10. Charles Dupigny-Leigh

    Hey, WCB we here in the DMV….area look forward to you show always. Will like you to play a nice selection for the entire England Soccer team as they prepare to shock the world tomorrow. ” Let’s go England ”
    Love your show baby.


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