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                  Click here to checkout our Presenters
                  A unique brand of internet station that brings the best in content & nostalgic tunes from around the world.
                  African traditional music has and still continue to imprint enormous magnitude on the hearts of people around the world including players of instruments.
                  The aim of Feferity Radio is to produce quality podcast that informs, educate, inspire, entertain and provocative.
                  Our focus is to speak to philosophers, historians, holistic practitioners, politicians, musicians, artists, playwriters, film producers, actors etc. to contribute and inform listeners to their respective professions.
                  We welcome contributions from anyone  who have interest and wanted to share your ideas with us.
                  Contact Us: +44730-541-7668

                  293 Comments on “Feferity Radio
                  Your Nostalgic Station

                  1. Barbara W James

                    Greetings, William!

                    Looking forward to another elevating jazz session and learning about the role of guitar!

                  2. Lorna

                    I wish there to discuss with you both, great discussion, so much we could share together. Thank you again for sharing

                  3. Lorna

                    Thank you for sharing. My name is Lorna i am Nichiren Daishonin Buddhist humanistic / spirual l philosophy I connect with, We all go through our struggles, challenges , I agree we must take responsibility to navigate opportunity to transform it . We must remember we not here to master suffering religion function is to support people become happy. I would like to share my mentor determine his wish to take a way suffering and give joy….let’s together build a world Foundation of peace and respect dignity of life.

                  4. Lorna

                    Beautiful song by Poppyseed and so true earth has no religion if we live by that we could have such a more peaceful and fulfilling time on this planet the one is spiritual oneness. Keep up the great works brother freestyle I’m loving the show absolutely uplifting peace

                  5. DJ Lainey

                    DJ Freestyle Happy 60th anniversary of Independence to the beautiful land of Sierra Leone unity peace and love always .

                  6. Lee Amarteifio

                    Lovely interview with Seydu and the pitta patta sounds where children can really play in the rainfall in Sierra Leon….Lovely description of his play days as a child.
                    No diamonds, no war…
                    Diamond Tears just makes you relax; both soothing and soulful.
                    The ‘Womb of the Sound of Africa’…very lovely description of the calabash with it’s many uses.
                    Really interesting brother and great interview with Freestyle

                  7. Lee Amarteifio

                    It has been great listening to the inspirational journey of Charles Easmon and the dialogue and music with Freestyle.
                    My question is, are you inspired enough Sir Charles to write that autobiography you mentioned earlier? It would be such a great contribution and certainly a worthy read.
                    Please let me know once completed…. I will be looking forward to that first publication!
                    Thanks for such a wealth of information and making it happen for music from around the world!
                    Lee Amarteifio

                  8. DJ Lainey

                    Rob Willey wonderful show from you and your guest Francis on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.
                    Very helpful, insightful and encouraging for those who may not know the word of God. #Joshua 1:9

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