Our Vision

Feferity London is the brainchild of Clarence Davies otherwise known as DJ Freestyle, a radio broadcaster. The vision of the project is to bring the best in African art and music to venues right across London, produced and performed by African artists and musicians based in Africa, and the Diaspora & also work alongside global professional musicians.

Mission Statement

Feferity radio it’s a culturally diverse station supporting local communities. Feferity provides a platform for unique locally produced programming that is reflective of the varied talents and interests of our broadcasters and listeners. We strive to offer unlimited selections of music, culture, education and community affairs programming. Feferity Radio believe there is beauty in diversity. FR is committed to respect for personnel dignity. whilst debate is a necessary and healthy part of discourse in broadcasting and station management, bigotry and personal attacks will not be tolerated. FR will serve the people of our community by providing an outlet for creative skills and passions. FR aims to continue serving the interests of a diverse group of listeners. FR seeks to entertain, Stimulate and challenge listeners with wide-ranging local/international news, issues, music programming and public affairs.


Much of the World's most rhythmic melodies have found their origins in the native sounds of Africa. We want to share more of this entertainment & rich culture with our audiences.


As humans we connect with stories told in song lyrics & stories told in film. The joy, the excitement, the pain, the passion. We make it possible for African story tellers to share their gifts globally.


Bringing the pure energy of African entertainment to anyone wanting to have a good time is our mission. We want people of all races to understand that together we're better.

What does ‘Feferity’ mean?

Feferity itself, is taken from Pidgin English slang for "showing off, to be flash, vibrant and Colourful! That is exactly what we are.

It is therefore our intention to make the event exactly that, a wonderful celebration of the creative spirit of Africa and its people. A creativity dating back many millennia and which DNA is imprinted on the soul of so many forms of music enjoyed and listened to today.

Since its birth in 2013, we have been bringing to you musicians from all over the continent as well as those based outside Africa to give our people an experience, a variety of styles and forms of music. From highlife, afro-jazz, afro-funk, palm wine, funk, traditional and much more, through to the increasingly popular Afrobeats genre which continues to be a growing influence within the commercial market. We want you to experience it all!

Loving Entertainment. Loving Africa.

Films & Stories

We also want you to experience the films and stories written and produced by African film makers about subjects relating to the Continent as a whole and regionally. Stories that will inspire, provoke, educate and make you want to find out more. We will be supporting African still form artists who will display a discrete range of their work for your viewing. This is an area that we want to grow as we go forward. Each event will end with popular radio and club DJs on the decks, providing throbbing beats and rhythms introducing you to new music that will have you dancing all week long.

DJ Freestyle

DJ Freestyle

With over 10 years in music & entertainment broadcasting DJ Freestyle is definitely the man you want to speak to when it comes to African music. Founding Feferity London gives the public audience 1 place to go and discover all there is to know about African music & culture. You can catch him behind the decks at our next event!

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