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Sunday 5th June 2022, Freestyle will be in conversation with pastor Fred Osei Annin on Feferity Radio from 20:00-23:00 GMT. www.feferitylondon.co.uk/feferity-radio 

Read a little about Apostle Fred Osei Annin said of himself and his project. I have been working in full time ministry since 1982. I was ordained as a resident Pastor after my theological training at the Fountain Gate Bible Seminary in 1982 in Ghana where I obtained the bachelor of ministerial theology degree. After my graduation from the Seminary, I worked with the Full Gospel Church in Tema, Ghana for 10 years. In 1990 I was invited to the UK by the Chalk Farm Baptist Church in London for a missionary trip to minister in churches across England and finally had an interview with the Cross Rhythms Magazine about my successes in the worship ministry in Ghana. You can read the full interview published by the cross rhythms in 1991 from their web site www.crossrythmns.co.uk 

Actionplus UK

Actionplus Foundation is a UK based faith based charity which I founded and registered with the Charity Commission in 1997. Lambeth and Southwark are close neighbours in the South of London and they both predominantly have the highest of the prevalence of HIV infection in the whole of the UK. The incidence of HIV has always been high mostly among the MSM Group and the BAME communities right from the beginning of the pandemic because of ignorance. Stigma and prejudice over the years had also being another factor for the spread of the infection. These unfortunate attitudes during that time had become barriers to HIV intervention and so I decided to champion a campaign to combat these negative behaviours to prevent the growing number of HIV infection within the BAME community in London. 

I also saw that HIV/AIDS and poor sexual health was a real big issue for the christian community to address because many Pastors and church members were ignorant about it and were therefore being infected daily. The alarming issue also was that a large number of people who were infected by HIV in most churches were also not aware of their status and had therefore put the entire churches where they fellowship with and the whole community where they live at risk as some of them continue to live in ignorance. 

The church plays a central role in the lives of many African Communities. These communities look towards Pastors and church elders for guidance and support but unfortunately, the vast majority of pastors were ignorant about HIV and STI’s due to lack of knowledge about HIV. Based on the Biblical reference from the Book of the prophet Hosea (Hosea 4: 6) it is stated that “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” 

The church is the rightful place to organise regular health education and campaigns but as most pastors didn’t have any knowledge about sexual health issues they did not want to talk about sex at all because it is related to HIV and AIDS. This kind of challenge made it difficult for health care professionals and clinicians to intensify and engage in HIV education in the church. One of the aim of establishing Actionplus Foundation was to find a way to work with Pastors, and church elders for them to gain knowledge about HIV and other sexually transmitted Infections because many of them also did not know the mode of HIV transmission therefore did not see HIV as a medical issue and thought HIV was a curse from God because to them those who have acquired HIV are those who lead promiscuous or immoral lifestyles and as a consequence to their sins, God has cursed them with HIV as a punishment to their sinful behaviours. This unfortunate ignorance had  created room for the church to be cold towards members who are diagnosed as having HIV. Another reason for setting up Actionplus was to correct the dogmatic behaviour that HIV can only be cured by their powerful prayers. These wrong teachings had impacted those who stop taking their medication because they find their situation deteriorating and others finally die because they stop taking their treatment.

The church blaming God as the cause of HIV had given those who are outside the church an impression that those who go to church are hypocrites because they preach about a God who is love but at the same time turns around to blame him for putting curses upon his own people. 

Changing this situation was a tough and challenging task for us to address however by God’s grace we have accomplished this major assignment. We managed to break through by creating our own model called Take Action Now. It is a radical model which Actionplus Foundation uses to break the stigma attached to HIV so that the attention of Pastors and church leaders will be drawn to facts and not myths. The fact is that HIV is just like one of the many infections that has confronted our world today. It is a medical issue that has nothing to do with spiritual curses. 

Our Achievements In Africa

Our campaign in Africa started from Ghana and was launched in 2007. Our branch in Ghana over the years has become a hub where we develop models to champion our crusade against stigma, prejudice and hatred which operate In the church. We have successfully managed to lead Actionplus Foundation Ghana with this model in our campaign to help the Government to reduce the infection rate of HIV in the country from 3.6% in 2007 when we started our campaign to 1.3% in 2013.that 

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  1. Afi Grace Hadzor

    Well done Actionplus foundation for the great work in UK, Ghana and Uganda.
    Supporting PLHIV and massive education on HIV. Thank you Apostle Fred.

  2. Vijay

    Great to hear something really excellent from. The team I really really like the prospect of Lord comes through positive ve thoughts Amen overhaul I am happy to join your ministries and move forward

    Regards Vj India

  3. Michael Sampong

    Action Plus has been doing great and wonderful job for education people on HIV infections. Well done to the Ministry.

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