Juwon Ogungbe presents ‘Pilgrimage’

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Juwon Ogungbe presents ‘Pilgrimage’

On Feferity Radio, Freestyle will be in conversation with African British classical singer & musician Juwon Ogungbe on Friday the 3rd June 2022, at 18:00-21:00 GMT. www.feferitylondon.co.uk/feferity-radio

On May 27th 2022 – Juwon Ogungbe releases exciting new album about a journey to Abeokuta.

 Juwon Ogungbe’s latest release, Pilgrimage is a suite of songs that tell a story about a contemporary tendency to associate Abrahamic religious belief with progress and enlightenment to the detriment of traditional belief systems. The artist was inspired by the homeland of his maternal family, Abeokuta (a-bay-uh-ku-tuh) and writes from the perspective of an individual journeying to connect with his ancestral antecedents.

The name Abeokuta is a direct translation of “Under the rock”, in reference to the Olumo rock which is a significant part of the landscape and history of the city. Inside the Olumo rock there is a shrine to the spirit of the rock. The city is also renowned for arguably being the first place in Nigeria where Anglican missionaries settled to spread the Christian gospel in the 19th century. This led to the largest populated Anglican Diocese in the world.

According to Ogungbe, “The songs tell a story – of a visit to an imagined city, loosely inspired by Abeokuta.”

The Pilgrimage EP begins with the track, Letting go of my baggage, which sets the tone for the complex range of emotions the traveller feels about engaging with the oracle in the shrine of the rock. The song is about the anticipation, excitement and ambivalence of finally arriving at the shrine. It is a song of musical and lyrical contrasts, with uplifting music and introspective lyrics.

Ogungbe says, “Almost by chance, the sequence of events outlined by the songs symbolizes for me the mixed emotions and divided loyalties that many people of my heritage feel when faced with choices to make, regarding personal values. In many social settings, the traditional belief systems are dismissed as ‘mumbo jumbo’.  But people do other things behind closed doors. I would like the EP to start a conversation about these issues.”

Juwon Ogungbe is an acclaimed composer, singer, theatre maker and recording artist. In 2021, Ogungbe released two EPs – Glisten and Burn and The Palmares Promise. His opera – King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba – was also presented in Bath in the Freedom in the City – Festival of Learning.  

Pilgrimage is to be released on Friday, 27th of May 2022 on Ogungbe’s Bandcamp page and will also be available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Music, Amazon and other notable digital outlets, via CD Baby.

Your ancestors are with you –  a single from the EP,  shall be released on Bandcamp on the 10th of June 2022.

The EP’s online launch event is scheduled for the 25th of June 2022, featuring Juwon Ogungbe in conversation and creative collaboration with Professor Pitika Ntuli – an eminent sculptor and poet based in South Africa.

Listings information:

Release date (on CD Baby and Bandcamp) – Friday, 27th of May 2022

Bandcamp page: https://juwonogungbe.bandcamp.com

Press Contact: Juwon Ogungbe


07734 507 571

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2 Comments on “Juwon Ogungbe presents ‘Pilgrimage’”

  1. Doig Simmonds

    I have studied Yoruba Cosmology for a long time and could give a well illustrated presentation on the subject if anybody is interested. I’m retired curator at institute of African Studies. University of Ibadan Nigeria

  2. Khosi Manaka

    I appreciate all the prolific, inspiring and insightful body of work that you produce! Your production is always so thought provoking and entertaining at the same time, as it marries song, lore, personal journeys experiences and others journeys as well as a mingled history to boot of continents and places! All of these are a journey of all of us, mankind, yet you are wittingly able to articulate it in a much more seductive, apt and civil way through talk, song and performance! Very much appreciated and I thank you for doing this as the present as well as posterity calls for this kind of material that you excellently compile,
    I hope that all of this in time will feature as a valued exhibition not just fleetingly but as a permanence in galleries, archival bodies of lexicons big and small! I know and believe that your body of work has, in its own right, is not only prolific, but resourceful with contributions that deserves significant recognition in places such as Tate and other to be honest, as this will add to the body of knowledge that we all aspire to indulge in. Carry on carrying on Juwon as with valid acceptance and apt recognition, your work will bring another twist in history! And I will unashamedly curate it myself to make it happen !!! Best wishes upon thou! We salute!

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