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TUNE IN to the Speak Your Truth Show, 4 6pm (uk time), Saturday 6 November, when I will be in conversation with my majestic, multi – talented Brotha Jason Hospedales, artist, sculptor, composer, musician & art teacher, live from POS, Trinidad. Over the last twenty (20) years, he has worked tirelessly to craft, digest & integrate the spectrum of his historical, cultural & memorial heritage. Brotha Jason integrates his artistic practices & utilizes the ancestors’ potent voices within his DNA to lead him to record & exhibit his perceptions about life & memory in T n T, including African experiences of the Middle Passage. The African woman takes centre stage in his work as Brotha Jason honours and reflects her innate beauty, strength, power, sensuality and motherhood. Her titles of African queen, princess and worshipped divinity are highlighted in his work. His vision meshes with that of his elders: LeRoy Clarke and Makemba Kunle who have painted dramatic African female figures in a new paradigm of canonizing the African female figure.

Brotha Jason’s colourful and multi-layered art pieces in his recent solo exhibition Ge­net­ic Re­call, an ex­hi­bi­tion, were created using various techniques to portray his positive feelings of light, love and hope. The themes presented in this work vary from his personal expressions of human figures to philosophical and esoteric concepts used to explore and inspire.

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