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TUNE IN to the Speak Your Truth Show, 4-6pm (uk time), Saturday 14th August , when I will be in conversation with my splendid Brotha David Kalloo, who will be talking about his 3rd book Jumbie in Town. He listened to the stories narrated by his mother, it infused and fired up an inquisitive nature in him to find a Largahoo, Douen, Papa Bois, Soucouyant, La Diablesse or Mama Glo. His vivid recollection of his childhood adventure lends a colourful aura as he takes the reader through a period that was teeming with folklore stories.

Jumbie in Town is out now in paperback and Kindle and currently available on Amazon Books.
For further information please contact:
David Kalloo 07738864335/ cashewmedialtd@gmail.com

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