Chinyere Nwaubani

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Join us on Feferityradio Wednesday 30th June 2021, at 9pm to midnight. Freestyle in conversation with Griot Chinyere Nwaubani.

Griot Chinyere Nwaubani:
Artistic Director, Griot storyteller, Writer, Expedition & night walk leader, performance Director, Creative Facilitator, Lecturer
Griot Chinyere is an internationally renowned griot storyteller who has travelled across Africa, Europe and the Middle East telling stories, writing stories and delivering creative based group work. This has helped develop an artistic griot way process. Chinyere has written and produced 21 plays and has devised numerous performances with young people and intergenerational community groups worldwide. Two of many of her projects in last 12 month: With funding from the major’s office culture seed fund, a project creating a set of 6 contemporary Crossfields Estate Tales, short stories that uncover and celebrate the everyday magic of inner-city urban living environments undergoing transformation; from hidden histories and urban legends to the community spirit rising. This was the first project Griot delivered via zoom March 2020; With funding from Groundworks – Stories from the Trees. An expedition training around map reading, tree id, breathing techniques, walking styles & rambling with 13 feminine melanin rich walkers brought stories from nature and survival skills together. It has been a powerful journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Participants graduation is last weekend January 2021.
Applying a number of theatre techniques such as meditations, storytelling, theatre forum, immersive theatre, improvisation, audience address, non-verbal storytelling and call & response, to achieve great results. From the many cultures she has encountered, she has developed excellent inter-cultural facilitation skills and a deep appreciation for the powerful role research plays in the story process and the oral traditions. Chinyere engages and educates with well-designed, high-energy, effective and innovative bespoke workshops.

Griot Chinyere has run 2 theatre companies and presently runs a company of storytellers.  The first company she ran in 1987; No Mean Feat, based in Edinburgh, was set up to inspire unemployed artists to create and develop work to be performed outdoors and during the Edinburgh festival. It was made of up artists from all over Europe. During this time she also worked one year with the then Edninburgh puppet company, now known as Vision Mechanics. The second company Griot Set up in 2005, which ran for 4 years based in Montpellier France was called Street Wise.  It was set up to inspire Homeless people to vision a positive and creative future for themselves through theatre and the arts. Since 2010 Griot has run, Shanti-Chi a company of storytellers. It was set up to promote, preserve and celebrate the art of the oral tradition of Afrakan storytelling. To that end she designs, writes, and directs many theatre and storytelling projects within well-established organisations such as The Royal National Theatre, The Griot Way, Half Moon Theatre, GLYPT, The National Youth Theatre, The Royal & Derngate, Weekend Arts College, Lewisham Youth Service including schools, colleges, community centres, libraries, youth centres, museums, elder’s day centres, pupil referral units and prisons. Griot Chinyere creates safe nurturing spaces for participants to develop their full potential.

The natural circle is integral to the work of Griot Chinyere. She blends her skills and her wonderful sense of playfulness with the ebbs and flows of the groups dynamics. She combines that with the elements of the ancient griot circle, Concoct-a-tale, emotional emancipation, and the disrobing of the 4th wall. This approach allows for a liberating, respectful and honest expression. It works for children & elders, students & professionals, freedom fighters & parents. Griot Chinyere asks all participants wishing emody the magic of her session, to come with an open heart and a willing spirit.

So, join us on Feferityradio Wednesday 30th June 2021, at 9pm to midnight.

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