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Freestyle in conversation with Stephen Ssali CEO / Director of Mariandina Research Foundation Tuesday 2nd March 2021 on Feferity radio at 18:00-21:00 GMT.

I am Stephen Ssali, the Son of the Late Professor Charles Ssali, Founder of the Mariandina Research Foundation. I worked alongside Professor Ssali for eight years, where I was personally taught about research and nutrition and supported with informing and empowering people with knowledge about Prof Ssali’s research and range of nutritional health products.

As the CEO of Mariandina, I am responsible for developing and implementing strategic plans and policies of Mariandina Research Foundation promotional, logistical support and distribution of Mariandina Nutritional Health Products. I have worked within and outside UK as I have previously been to Qatar in the middle east with Dr Ssali to raise health awareness as part of an International conference on Diabetes, been on tour in Ghana speaking on Ghana media, I have also been to the USA on tour with the Matah health group promoting Mariandina health supplements.

I have also worked with and interviewed Queen Afua, Dr. Llaila Africa, Dr. Jewel Pookrum and Dr. Mark Wilcot as well as been on several media such as BBC, New style radio in Birmingham, Genesis radio, Galaxy radio, Omega Live TV, Ben TV, SLR radio, Omega radio, Roots FM Station FM and Conscious FM.

I have continuously promoted wellness solutions as a keynote speaker to several audiences in seminars and talks across the world.

I am also the founder of the Universal African Ancestral Alliance – An alliance that is working to create a platform for empowerment through wellness, spiritual healing and collective cooperation.
As a nutritionist and holistic intuitive health therapist I have been involved in organizing various health seminars and events to raise health awareness. I  specialize in energy Intuitive health and facilitate holistic health consultations which investigate energy imbalances within the Body.

The use of Intuitive healing whilst investigating health conditions creates awareness of imbalances in the body and provides a clear road map of wellness solutions to implement. Using this method of healing can offer intuitive health opportunities to seek answers to health challenges and help you understand the root cause of health conditions.
The Holistic Full Body MOT examines;
• Body Organs & Systems analysis
•Nutrition & food allergies analysis
•Glandular- Hormonal systems analysis
•Teeth-Mouth, Eyes-visual system analysis
•Weight management physical-energetic analysis
•Stress Level Symptoms, causes and solutions
•Cancer Prevention and Cancer reversal care
•What is compromising the Immune System?
• Chakra Measurement & Meridian analysis
•Thyroid Signs, Symptoms and solutions analysis
• Headaches-Migraines: Cause, triggers and Solutions
•Analysis of Body deficiencies
• Emotional Patterns, Blocks, Self-Talk and unresolved issues and traumas  

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