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TUNE IN to the Speak Your Truth Show, 4-6pm (uk time), this Saturday 13 February, when I will be in conversation with my Sista Sarah Lindeire, the awesome co-founder of Tingathe. A NGO in Malawi combatting impoverishment by providing holistic support and economic self reliance. At the age of 21 Sarah was named the 86th most influential woman in the World by Women Deliver. She is committed to addressing the simultaneous social, economic and health needs of families and to providing holistic support to participants as they climb the ladder of economic self-reliance in pursuit of a sustainable future that builds enduring wealth .
The Tingathe Poverty Graduation model is engagement based, using training, which evolves into a long term relationship with peri- urban based participants, spanning at least six years, who live on under $1 a day in Lilongwe. Programmes focus on providing urban enterprise options that are market- driven and relevant to local people. Tingathe’s work centers on connecting participants to basic services, developing savings and loans groups, and building deeper community ties in peri- urban areas where social capital is weakest; to date their work has touched over 8000 people.
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