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Grab my vinyls & lets talk’ a Special Guest show with Khadijatou Doyneh & DJ Freestyle.

Khadijatou is known for being an original creative but do you know she’s a professional Dance Theatre Choreographer / Applied Theatre practitioner  who has worked hard over the last 25 yrs, internationally and locally, transforming lives of young people with performance training & advocating  re-connecting to indigenous sources for inspiration(?).. 

Her recent evolution has seen her work blossom as a creative writer & solo live performer come to the front more.  After a car crash injured her in 2017, temporarily halting her dance career, necessary re:invention led to an Arts Council & British Council Award to travel to South America, implementing cultural exchanges with Colombian Artists and invitations to Perform in local and international festivals. 

Khadijatou owns her seat in the intersections where music, song, spoken word and Drum rhythms merge.  Some quality collaborations have come about, and some of  these are recorded on vinyl records. Music is part of our lives and we mark indelible memories they bring out when we hear certain records. 

We are playing a selection these eclectic RECORDS… including  latest work, heard on Danny Keane’s brilliant NEW Double Vinyl called ‘Roamin’, (‘Mojo Jazz Album of the Month) which features unique music & Voice, spoken word collaboration & featuring Khadijatou Doyneh on two tracks, ‘Roamin’ and ‘I am Analogue’. 

She’ll also be playing her tracks from ‘The Heliocentrics’ sophomore album ‘Out There’, & her own debut vinyl record, ‘AA Batteries’, a 12” vinyl classic from her ‘back to futurist’ work, ‘Sex, Lies & History.  Expect  a bunch of other interesting eclectic vinyl selection grabbed from her collection & listen live in studio with DJ Freestyle. 

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3 Comments on “Khadijatou Doyneh”

  1. Khadijatou

    Thank you so much for such a warm, loving and positive feedback Clement Graham! Big Hugs to you for your Support and review. Xx
    ‘DJ Doyneh’

  2. Clement Graham

    My sister u are a positive spirit to us all ,for you my sister you stud up to the test and out of the mud of time you have become a lotus flower

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