2019 a Year of Enlightenment

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Friday 18th January at the Ritzy was a cocktail party sensation, and Periscopi Invertit brings the atmosphere to a crescendo, leaving the audiences wanting more.  A brilliant choice by Feferity London to host the band to kick start 2019 because they’re very textured. The fluidity in their songs is timbre, a testament to the five musicians; Mireia Carbonell Bassist & Composer, singer Laura Guarch, Benji Bown keyboard, Mulele Matondo on guitar and Karim Delalli percussion. Kindred musicians that really gave their best to create frequencies of individual brilliance.  Upstairs at Ritzy is a dynamic venue suited for sound like Periscopi Invertit.  Everyone response to the tempo was sure to evoke an indubitable type of mood, upbeat and slow treading through love which invited ravers on the dance floor. Dancing and singing out loud all night long. Overall their music releases Dopamine, that spirit of feel good factor!

Stay healthy, stay in touch with FeferityLondon, we’ll inform you soon on events for the coming months.



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