Happy New 2019 Message

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Hey Folks!

At Feferity London we want to wish you a Happy and joyous New 2019 to all our supporters who came out to enjoy our live events at the Ritzy we’ve held throughout 2018.  It was an honour to serve you.

And we want to thank all the musicians and artists who’ve supported us throughout the year.  At the start of 2018 we featured Fusion First an Afro/Reggae band playing music which blends the sound and rhythms from Africa, the Caribbean and Europe.  Supported by a young afrobeats artist Boi Riz from Nigeria and  Zimbabwean Mbira player Torera Mpedzisi.  Torera is a fascinating musician with strong vocal rendition like the great BB King. Torera tells amazing stories in songs above the melodic sound of the “thumb piano” instrument from his country.  Jamaican born saxophonist Ray Careless and Club Skaaville Allstars took to stage in February and gave us an amazing night of jazz experience that will live with us for years to come.  On bank holiday weekend we had Rissa Rissasy Rossignol from Congo Central Africa a Soukous king, and South African musician and producer Themba Matebese aka T-Fire alongside Cemunye Choir.  Themba’s latest music production HOMOWO was released on the Vintage Voodoo label featured the HighLife twins from Ghana Basa Basa.  In November, was DJ night called Wakanda Dance from the iconic sci-fi movie Black Panther.  I must say the Wakanda flyer was my favorite of 2018, and massive thank you to Akrasi for her comic touch on Wakanda flyer.  Our end of year party was graced by the Guinea Bissau guitar maestro Tony Dudu and the Gumbe Jazz band.  Indeed it was a two hours of graceful performance by the band. Great atmosphere with lots of happy moments. Here’s one comment by Lorna, “Oh mine.. his playing was darling and all I have to say is ‘Dudu ou du Passat sewue dudu’ which means he’s sweeter than sugar.” Thank you to all those who have supported Feferity little or more ways throughout the 2018, much appreciation.

For 2019 we have many plans and events happening throughout the year. We kick start the year with a Spanish band from Barcelona PERISCOPI INVERTIT.

We’ll be taking Feferity outdoors, this is a global affair and we’re happy to have you along for the ride!

Looking forward to seeing you at more Feferity events throughout 2019!


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