Angela Johnson

Focus flow: Saturday 2-4pm

Angela Johnson with a varied background of public sector roles, I’ll be bringing you light, informative entertainment and touching on nostalgic music from across the decades of 60s, 70s, 80s and even some 90s favorites.

Naomi Gray Show

Saturday 12-2pm

Naomi Gray is a fashion stylist, creative consultant, educator and advocates for women’s health. She’s worked with the likes of UK music artist/ author Akala, award winning author/ journalist Gary Younge, actor David Ajala, actor/ director/ writer Adrian Lester OBE, rockband The Noisettes, Nigerian singer/ songwriter Nneka and Kenyan model Ajuma Nasanyana. Her work has been featured in The Guardian, BBC, and on various red carpets including The Bafta’s to name a few.

Naomi celebrates black culture throughout her career, raises awareness about the dynamics within the black experience and leading conversations around diversity and inclusion within the creative & educational sector. Her show, will explore these topics and more on a deeper level.

I Sis Eclectic Goddess- Speak Your Truth Show

Saturday 4-6pm GMT

I Sis, The Eclectic Goddess, is an Afrikan born in Trinidad n Tobago, she is based in West London.
The SPEAK YOUR TRUTH SHOW is a mixture of eclectic music and talk radio with special guests from the uk and beyond, and commentary of a diverse range of topics and current issues.

I Sis is a master of many trades, as well as a presenter and poet she is also an Advocate, Activist, Community Organiser, Coach, Facilitator, Researcher, Trainer, Public Speaker and a Writer.
She is an Eclectic Afrikan Centric Poet, drawing inspiration from her activism and engagement with Pan Afrikan politics and campaigning against structural injustice over the last 30 years. Her poetry encapsulates her commitment to anti-colonialist -racist – imperialist struggle, explores reparations (for enslaved Afrikans), identity, culture and language, alongside her personal experiences as a migrant Afrikan Caribbean woman in the world, she uses her poetry as advocacy. She has performed at events across the globe and will be featured at this year’s Kensington + Chelsea Art Week 2020.
She is currently a presenter on Portobello Radio and has hosted her own radio shows on Omega FM (2013) and on the Avenues Youth Club Community Station (2015). She has also appeared on numerous radio shows including on Resonance and Galaxy FM.
“Your voice is expressive and your ideas are well thought out, and have impact ”.
I Sis is passionate about WORDplay, the elasticity of language, playing with words, language is the prize of the victor, the tool of the oppressor . She has a MA in Black British Writing.


What are You Saying? week days 6-9pm GMT except Mondays

Freestyle in conversation with guests from around the world and all walks of life, bringing them to the knowledge our Feferity listeners about what they do.

Vinyl Saturday Live is a unique experience on mixcloud entertaining you with special eclectic selections to make you feel cheerful.

Freestyle is thoughtful, but sometimes can be very cheeky and witty. Freestyle says things in a particular way that no one thought of saying which triggers one to be mindful and kind.

Anything that happens on Freestyle’s show cannot be judged with colonial ears, because he doesn’t apologise been a Salone man.


Let’s Talk. Friday 4-6pm GMT
Interviews, chat and music.

Lady A likes a chat and wants to chat to you.
From current affairs to history, from the everyday to the far out.
I’d like for you to interact with the show to let me know what your thoughts are on the topic of the day is.
As an organiser for the Association of Black humanists, I bring a unique perspective to each show.

If you have something to say, say it to Lady A. ‘Let’s talk people!’

Ebster – The Ebster show

Sunday 12-3pm GMT

The Ebster likes to bring awareness on issues that people may not know about or happily ignore. As someone who likes to be on the grounds of a demo, she likes to make her voice heard and feelings known. And that’s the energy she invites to her show.


Sunday morning 10-12pm

Aki’ Mak is often credited with being a good listener and motivator. She describes herself as being in love with life and people.
Her enthusiasm to help others discover opportunities that will add value to their life,  often sees her championing projects that promote social justice and equalities.
One of her passions is to link small farmers in Africa and the Caribbean with those who can help develop their business.
Downtime for Aki’ Mak means, spending time with her family listening to music,eating out, reading and dancing. She loves her hometown Brixton, London for its fusion of diverse food and vibes
Her show brings a burst of energetic and fun flavours ,fusing dynamic guests,interviews and conversation to uplift and inspire. An eclectic music selection to marinate your soul Bringing you sweet vibes.

William Cline Bailey


The Jazz Sessions on Feferity Radio will be presented by William Cline Bailey. Songwriter /Drummer, a calm and witty individual with a great passion for jazz music.
The programme will feature eclectic jazz music selections from all over the world. Showcasing influential jazz musicians.
The programme will also explore the origins of jazz music and its influence on the current music scene.
The jazz sessions will feature interviews with musicians and sharing special events with listeners.

DJ Lainey

Saturdays 2-4pm

My Love for music was deep-rooted in me from a very young age as a child growing up in Brixton.

My music influence came from my Dads huge collection of Jazz records ‘Blue Notes label. One of my first records I bought at age 14 was a Aretha Franklyn album. I also had a few Reggae and Soul vinyl’s. My passion was to explore music and one day become a DJ to entertain people of all age and cultures with special selections of old & new tunes, and here am I on Feferity radio!

Theatre for me was a highlight having performed in two shows on stage. In 2012, I performed in a group singing for the opening act of the theatre production ‘Amen Corner’ an amazing experience. I love to sing and had the opportunity to take part in the choir for the ‘Soul Night’ and the ‘Reggea Concert’ at the Royal Festival Hall in 2014, that was fantastic!
I currently work with members of the public and enjoy meeting people.

It is beautiful to get lost in music. Taking you on a journey. Bringing you that feel good – vibes with sweet melody, you can groove & bubble to the beat or reflect and reminiscence.

“Music is food to my Soul lets enjoy together”