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Our focus is to speak to philosophers, historians, holistic practitioners, politicians, musicians, artists, playwriters, film producers, actors etc. to contribute and inform listeners to their respective professions.
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136 Comments on “Feferity Radio
Your Nostalgic Station

  1. Deyon King

    I have been seriously considering home schooling my 3 kids aged 6, 10 and 12.
    The more I think, the more its sounding like a God idea.

  2. Deyon King

    I love the topic this show is not afraid to tackle. Exposure is the key for our community. We cant fix what we can’t talk about. Love me some Akimak❤

  3. kimanjaro

    Mariam Makeba , the click song, love it.
    Do you know that you’re radio station will give LBC a run for their money?
    Muta Kilimanjaro.

  4. DJ Lainey

    Big-Up William Cline Bailey,
    Funky Jazz mix is warming me up while dancing to your selections.
    Love the George Benson. The cover of Miles Davis tune ‘So What’ by Ronnie Jordan the instruments and sound reminded me of some of Sonny Rollins music!

  5. Simone

    Hi William, enjoying your saturday afternoon selection of jazz especially the track you just played by Ronnie Laws. Simone

  6. Caramel Soldier

    Yes Change that vocab’ keep marching strong with it @AndreBright blessed to be on this journey with you and great interview techniques @Naomi <3
    Queens & Kings interviewing and empowering Kings & Queens #Salute

  7. Kam

    Girl so proud of you
    Loving your tracks it’s my hair care day so been listening while taming morning mane

    Love the positive stuff you saying yes keep praying for the youth man them

    1. DJ Lainey

      Kam, Thank you for your feedback.
      Nice to know you enjoyed my show bringing good musical vibration to my listeners!

  8. Carlos Byles

    I love this radio show – every week I’m here, locked in – thank you so much aki’mak – mi deya 10AM

  9. Sabby

    Aki’Mak, there is something that is definately released in the atmosphere, and those that released it has lost control, did not know it would of turned out this way and now they have now clue what to do but tell lies….
    I feel it definately is a cover up for something more sinister, its about control, and already is changing to be a cashless society next thing is a One world order….while we were in lockdown 5g mass were being put up? Why do healthy people need a vaccine? Why is it that when you cough, sneeze etc its covid? Why the masks, but schools do not need them? This whole thing i believe is just one big cover up for what is coming next!
    Lots of things are covered up underneath, even BLM was a big distraction….SMH

    1. DJ Lainey

      William Cline Bailey,
      Thank you for your comment. Good to hear you enjoyed my Studio One selections and recognize the Liquidator as your theme tune for Chelsea football club 🙂

  10. Dj Dima

    Good tunes for my Sunday. Keep up the good work. Any chance to hear Davido ft Chris Brown – Blow my mind

  11. Lorna

    Oh loving the jazz William Bailey big up a welcomed injection to Feferity keep it up some live recordings would be great also we miss live music

  12. DJ Lainey

    Thanks to Aki Mak for showcasing these young people on the show today. Was good to hear them share their dreams and ambitions, I felt proud of their achievements well done! They deserve the spotlight and more opportunities to come.

  13. Carlos Byles

    You guys are all my inspiration also – You have inspired me to better myself in the indrustry put out more content and will be working on set with you guys again. Love to you all

  14. Rebecca Anoon

    Thanks to the organisers for exposing these young and vibrant people to the skills required for a head start in life. I feel so proud of what these children have achieved. It is amazing to see the raw talents these young people have been endowed with.

  15. Carlos Byles

    You guys are so special, Big Up to you all! amazing things will come!! Mama K always doing greatness

  16. Cecil

    Hey Doma, Doma,
    This is Cecil Meheux, listening live from NJ, USA.
    Wow, talking about cricket, those where good days. It is so sad how cricket has disintegrated in Sierra Leone. I don’t even know what state our sport is in now. The government never had any interest because there was no money for them to steal.
    Keep flying the flag brother.

  17. Kenneth Cuvalay

    Greetings to you Lorna and thanks for your contribution and support and the contribution from all the of the others.

    Speaking about:
    A cradle of civilization is a location where civilization is understood to have emerged. Current thinking is that there was no single “cradle”, but several civilizations that developed independently, with the Fertile Crescent (Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia).
    Colors Mesopotamia:
    Reds, yellows, and Egyptian blue were among the most common color palates used by artists. Not only that, but different techniques like baked bricks were used to create a more “permanent” color on these reliefs.The first major Afrika civilization was Egypt, centered around the lush Nile River delta. Egyptian civilization truly began around 3150 BC when the ruler Menes unified the entire area into a kingdom.

  18. Lorna

    In regards to Adele how many people actually know the history of carnival it was a white woman who started it for children and she made connections with the trinidadian in particular and the carribean community. Yes carnival originated in carribean. However she grew amongst african carribean communities so she shouldn’t be singled out.
    I agree with Kenneth on tackling institutional and systematic systems

  19. Dinah

    I tuned into DJ Lainey show and it was very interesting and enjoyable since she played various types of music!

  20. J Diamond

    Throughly enjoyed the interview with Ernesto Allen. It was very was interesting and informative.

  21. Sula

    Great show today! Yes it’s important to be sex positive and proud of our bodies, more conversation around normalising talk about our bodies, especially the black female body is needed!

  22. Susan

    Evening Freestyle
    Is there a website for this forum of black businesses Lian Noir has compiled ?

  23. Sweetie

    Loving the show with Angela. Great music!

    Got me singing and dancing round my kitchen, thanks DJ Angela

  24. Barbs

    Well done to Naomi for a beautiful insightful show, especially bringing fibroids awareness. Reminding us about BPD… You sound a natural. Love it!! Good vibes higher vibrations

  25. kam

    i am enjoying this conversation . I always feel that the ancestors become our helpers. my mother has passed on 2 years she feels very much alive

  26. Miss Robin

    Good afternoon Aki Mak ..just wanted to share that even though there are unfortunatly insufficient funds in this health system to deal with mental health issues, nowadays more specific and reliable diagonsis are available and recognised in this field giving the people an understanding of what is going on and leading to better support from family friends and social workers. Growing awareness within communities is so important in order to support each other for a better quality living . Much respect to social workers they have such an important place in this aspect of life! Thank you Aki Mak

    1. Kam

      Thanks and Robin
      Unfortunately this came through late after I was off air but would have been great to share.

      You are so right in terms of what communities can do? That echoes a lot what brother Wayne was saying the problems the Nation of Islam addresses through its programs.

      Yes we need to support each other in this area especially given the year the world has had.

      Thank you for your contribution
      Aki’Mak xx

  27. Sabian Syl -Tucker

    Lady A,
    I believe all the monies going into propping up the economies in the West will have to be paid for eventually. Q is how and when. Another wave of severe austerity measures post covid?
    Re the economic and social plight of women in the developing world…a huge subject with, sadly, no easy answers.

    1. Lady A

      Subian you’re so right. We will have to pay all this money back. They are going to squeeze us so hard that the pound that the queen on our money will shed tears lol… we will have to discuss the blight of women in more detail at a later date. Thanks for your comments. lady A

  28. Shadene

    The poem made me remember an incident where my brother who was about 4 at the time was hit by a grown man. Nig nog golly wog. We’re the words he called us. Our mom worked hard and paid for child care he was the child minders son… he had is own children. Cannock 1986

  29. Shadene

    Absolutely loving the topic today! I agree with Rev where is the compassion? Why are we able to turn a blind eye to poverty?
    Shadene Birmingham

  30. GoldenAngell

    We have private prison’s that the judges and most officers, retired officials ect who have shares in these prison’s . The fact is that as soon an one boy us let out, they fill his space by any means necessary. This is why many petty convictions are made and fabricated to lead to imprisonment.
    The slave mentality has never gone away. We are just in different times.
    This is all part of their depopulation.

    I like your show Today.
    You made a lot of very valid points
    I will call in next time to talk.

  31. Teresa

    Interesting discussion with Kweku Mainoo this evening. You lost me a bit over people claiming the coronavirus though!

  32. LB

    Excellent debate Ebz…Love it…Black Lives Matter…Lets Kick RACISM OUT….Anti Racis cal out discrimination… Own it…

  33. Hema Seshadri

    Miss Maraiya Davies is creating new Freestyle dance forms listening to her fathers funky tunes. Keep it coming Papa Davies.

  34. Roxy

    Easy Sunday music on The Ebster show
    I’m now locked in to this radio station it’s good listening to old school requests on a Sunday afternoon in the summertime love it

  35. Eye

    Greetings brother, thank you for this talk. I like to comment to the clip of prof. Small. I have heard it before. I would recommend for talking to prof. Small himself because he said it. He know what he said and why he said it and I am sure he would like to explain.

  36. Akrasi

    Interesting conversation with Kenneth Cuvalay. There is always a bigger story behind the facade! Linton Kwesi Johnson is just as relevant today! Thanks for widening the scope…

  37. Ms K Nathan

    Oh god was talking on this with a friend today. How woman in the bible was represented as being deceptive

  38. Ms K Nathan

    You spoke about hair and people embracing the natural self as a woman . It’s difficult as a woman who does this can sometimes be misconstrued as being overly political

  39. freestyle1

    Stay tuned this evening Thursday, Freestyle in conversation with Broda Hounnon Olawole Adjibodou spiritual head of mama Tchama Temple in Porto Novo, the capital of Bénin. Show starts at 6-9pm GMT .

    1. GoldenAngell

      Great show
      Great subject’s Today.

      I think young black boys have very limited rights at this time, Unlike other young people not if colour.
      Too much police brutality going on to Brown people, when will it stop ?
      The young people in my community are suffering and need protection from THE POLICE.
      Where do they turn to ? Where is the help for them ?

  40. Monica

    Looking forward to when Dr Kimani Nehusi is next back on the show. Really enjoyed the topics on discussion. This made a nice change to our evening.

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